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The Ganges Restaurant

The Ganges Restaurant in Exeter takes its name from the holy river of the plains in Northern India and along its length of 1,560 miles, it rises in the Himalayas as it travels to the Bay of Bengal. It has always had significant spiritual influence and having a restaurant named after the holiest of rivers and is believed to provide a connection with peace, happiness, and wellbeing.

This most hugely popular Indian Restaurant dates back to the 1960s when Mr. Ataur Lashkor, originally from Bangladesh, first acquired it. Over the years, the restaurant has always been extremely popular, and carrying on this great family tradition are the Sons of Ataur who now manage this exceptional restaurant.

In 2010, the restaurant underwent a major refurbishment, extending the dining area to a more spacious and relaxing place to dine for the thousands who visit each year.

The interior decoration provides dining in complete comfort with vibrant colours, waterfall displays in the walls and full air-conditioning, making it a spacious and truly relaxing dining experience.

Technology has evolved since those early days and now with the use of smartphones, diners can make reservations online, pre-order food and choose from an extensive takeaway menu, with free delivery within a three-mile radius of the restaurant.

Providing the best service is as important as serving the best food, and the Ganges Team takes immense pride in achieving both to deliver a truly great customer experience. The front-of-house team will always assist you with a little experimentation if you’re not sure what to order and want to choose something a little different from the great range of fish, lamb, chicken, and vegetable options, all prepared to suit individual tastes and requirements.

The range and unique style of authentic dishes offer diners an extremely wide choice in fine Indian Cuisine, demonstrating a true passion for food. All dishes are freshly prepared daily using only the finest ingredients, producing a superb combination of vibrant tastes and mouth-watering dishes.

Supporting the Local Community

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our local South Devon NHS came under extreme pressure with many of the nursing staff working longer shifts, sometimes with little chance of a hot meal.

Ganges’ owners prepared over 120 complimentary meals on two occasions and delivered them to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. The nursing staff was extremely overwhelmed as they were grateful for this acknowledgment of their immense support.

A few years ago, the Ganges Dining Club was introduced for customers, providing them with a range of benefits including discounted meals in the restaurant and off takeaways, notification of special offers and events and recognition of customers’ birthdays.

Celebrating a special event at Ganges is a great choice. You have enough space to seat almost 90 diners and there are also special party menus allowing you to order in advance, to ensure smooth timely delivery of your favourite dishes to your party tables.

The restaurant has a Smartphone Menu system, allowing a contactless way of choosing and ordering food either before arrival or whilst you’re seated.

The restaurant now operates a two-sitting service which allows them to deliver a “more efficient service”. All of this is available using the online reservation form and select which sitting and your desired arrival time.

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