Discover South Devon ~ Summer 2021

Local Business Services


We believe in providing support and awareness to local businesses for whom we feel happy to provide our recommendation. 

Featured Articles

website designer

Website Creations

Discover the importance of the digital delivery of business services and information, and find out the experience of Website Creations’ work with South Devon Holidays…









Guided Tours

South Devon Tours

South Devon is one of the most popular and picturesque places to visit in England, with its stunning scenery and charm. We invite you to discover and enjoy some of our personally selected guided tours and experiences in this beautiful part of South West England…









Aerial Photography

Sky Pictures’ Drone Services

Since the invention of drones with cameras, the possibilities of low-cost aerial photography have become limitless. We can now provide High Resolution still images and Ultra High Definition 4K Video. With over 40 years of experience in aerial filming, fully insured being Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved, we now have a dedicated Drone Filming Unit within Sky Pictures.

















wedding filming

Special Moments Film Company

We are a family-run, South Devon Wedding Filming Services Company dedicated to providing excellence. We offer multi-camera coverage, covering the whole of the South West of England, so you don’t miss all the special moments…

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