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Woodsy Photography

Equine, Pet and Commercial Photography

“The most important aspect for me is to capture the relationships and special moments we have with our animals to make visual memories that last forever.”

– Niamh Woods

As a highly creative and passionate individual, 22-year-old Niamh Woods is a professional freelance photographer based in Cornwall. Her passion and love for animals lies at the heart of her work of capturing those special moments we have with our four-legged friends.

Throughout her childhood, she has been “snapping away” ever since she first discovered what a camera was as a young girl. Always striving in creative subjects with a particular love for English, she studied Photography from secondary school through to her further studies of a Level-3 equivalent at college. It was her tutor that was the main supported that enrolled her with onto her college course, as well as the support from her friends and family.

Her move to Cornwall in 2017 saw Photography to become a hobby with her five horses, exploring the stunning natural landscapes with her camera.

After a year taken out to work, Woodsy Photography was born with her biggest inspiration behind it being her Dad. Her childhood nickname soon became her official identity within the photographic industry.

Woodsy’s Equine photography centres around capturing the personality of our four-legged friends, their natural beauty and the connection they have to us. With a showcase of stunning creative and technical skills, her work is truly spectacular and deeply personal as she herself resonates with these connections we see.

“I would describe myself as being more of a candid photographer to capture those special moments in the most natural and real way possible.”

She has also completed extensive work within training schools and centres.

Future developments for Woodsy include a wider range of commercial photographic work, as well as branching out to introduce video production to really challenge her skills and ability within the visual arts. However, equine and pet photography will always continue to be the heart of Woodsy to capture our relationships with our beloved animals.

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