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Summer 2021 ~ Things to Do 

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Woofstock UK

South Devon is home to many spectacular festivals and events ranging from single-day food markets to full-weekend regattas. However, one of the best-loved festivals is Woofstock – the ultimate event for our four-legged friends.

Woofstock was created as a celebration of dogs and what they mean to us as humans, after the life of one of the organisers – Heather – was saved by her dog Harry. His strange and unusual behaviour towards her during her illness was a cry out to her that saved her life. She described that “without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today”.

In 2013, planning began for their first-ever festival which was held in Dorset in 2014 and 2015. After a short break in 2016 to relocate the festival to Devon, Woofstock went ahead in 2017 and 2018. Woofstock was still a single-day event at this stage. With increased interest and demand, Woofstock became a complete weekend festival in 2019, where it moved from Dartmouth Town to a much larger 30-acre site situated at Oldstone Farm, just outside Dartmouth.

Additionally, the festivals support many different charities, including Animals in Distress, Animals Asia, Pawsome Pensions, Medical Detection Dogs, and many others. Work undertaken outside of the festival weekends raises awareness for these charities throughout the year when the charities get to choose what challenge the Directors of Woofstock should undertake. This has included wing walking, sleeping in a dog crate in the woods, and also taking part in a muddy course challenge in full dog mascot outfits. As well as this, the Directors came up with the famous ‘Woofstock Humour’. This is a quirky and comical feature created by the organisers during March of last year, to help keep up our spirits “the Woofstock way”, with the sharing of cartoons on social media, costume theme, and gameshow nights – the favourite being ‘Play Your Cards Right’.

“We feel that it is important to show the people behind Woofstock, and for them to know that we are all about letting loose and having some fun.”

– Organiser, Heather

Woofstock this year takes place over the weekend of the 6th – 8th August, again at Oldstone Farm on the outskirts of Blackawton, and is an event not to be missed.

This weekend family festival welcomes everyone – even those who aren’t dog owners. With plenty of free parking and a wristband as your ticket into the festival, the options for attending Woofstock are endless – whether you wish to attend either the Friday and Saturday music nights or the entire weekend.

Accommodation options on-site include camping, luxurious bell tent Glamping, or bringing your campervan or motorhome. Whatever your requirements for attending are, there is something for you. The site is always safe and secure with security present so all Woofstockers can enjoy the festival with complete peace of mind.

Food and drink options are always endless and cater for everyone’s taste, where every meal over the weekend is different. Popular choices include a wide variety of truly delicious dishes, including fabulous gourmet burgers, stunning Greek food, curries, Soul Fries, vegan and gluten-free options, refreshing salads, baguettes and so much more. Both hot and cold drinks are also available all throughout the site, offering you so much to choose from.

What’s On at Woofstock

With a range of displays, events, talks, and live music spread over the weekend, Woofstockers will have a chance to either witness or join in the chaos. Friday night kicks off the weekend this year with live music from 5:30 pm, with areas for your four-legged friends to enjoy the music away from the stage.

Saturday and Sunday see lots of fabulous shows, displays, and competitions with some totally unique and exciting events for all to take part in. Saturday night is again Woofstock music nights starting from 5.30pm.

The line-up for the weekend features spectacular Police displays from local stations, Jan Quinn’s Agility demonstrations before inviting all willing dogs to attempt the assault courses, Flyball demonstrations with the chance to have-a-go, charity mascot racing, the ‘Fastest Hay Bale’ race, plus many more. For the humans, there is a huge inflatable bungee run and a zorb ball arena. As for the music you get to see some of the best bands around including the leading tribute acts in the world including Pure Paloma (Paloma Faith), Definitely Dolly (Dolly Parton), Tasha Leaper as Madonna, and Abba Revival.

Saturday is home to the wonderful Dog Show, where Woofstockers can get involved with their pooches and have some fun taking part in for the chance to place in many fantastic categories.

With dogs not being allowed to dig the gardens at home, they are however allowed to dig those at Woofstock. The Fastest Garden Digging Competition is a super-fun event for dogs to dig to retrieve treats and all sorts of goodies as a reward which they would not normally get at home. Perhaps your dog is a lover of fine art and would love to have a go at creating their very own masterpiece for framing it at home. The new Pawcasso tent featuring this year from a wonderful local artist will allow them to do just that. Dip your dog’s paw or tail in a variety of vibrant colours and paint with them, sign both your names and take it home for all your friends and family to see.

However, the best part of the festival, featuring classic diggable sand islands, relaxing deck chairs, swaying palm trees, and some calming waves in a giant swimming pool has to be ‘Bringing the Beach to Woofstock’. For those who aren’t confident in water, shark fin lifejackets are available for all to enjoy the beach. In the glorious August sunshine, this will be a real treat and some proper relaxation time for your friends.

Whether you want to come for the day to enjoy the shows & displays, pack up your tent, camper or caravan and hitch up for the weekend to enjoy all the music, or you want the VIP Glamping experience, there is a range of tickets to suit those on four and two legs alike.

Get your ticket today to join the Woofstock festival and “have a really good, barking mad time!”

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