Discover South Devon ~ Summer 2021  I  E-magazine page

Discover South Devon ~ Summer 2021

E-magazine page

Discover South Devon


Welcome to the Official E-Magazine for South Devon Holidays

Discover all that’s best throughout South Devon

Discover South Devon


Welcome to the Official E-Magazine for South Devon Holidays

Discover all that’s best throughout South Devon

Welcome to the

Official E-Magazine

for South Devon Holidays

Discover all that’s best throughout South Devon




Welcome to Discover South Devon, the first of our new E-Magazine publications, featuring some great articles and points of interest which we want to share with you.

The area provides a stunning array of beautiful scenery, across the vast expanse of Dartmoor, the patchwork countryside, with its quaint villages, through to the coastline with its coves and sandy beaches.

Some of our Nation’s most notable history is linked to South Devon, including the Crusades, the 100 years’ War, the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers aboard the Mayflower to the new world, Thomas Newcomen, the Dartmouth born inventor of the first steam engine which heralded the Industrial Revolution.

In recent history, South Devon was one of several D-Day practice areas for the D-Day landings undertaken along the South Devon coastline, which most resembled the French coastal areas of Normandy, and is home to Dartmouth’s Britannia Royal Naval College, where a young Princess Elizabeth first met the Duke of Edinburgh in 1939.

We are fortunate to live and work in this beautiful part of the Southwest and we have great pleasure in sharing some of our discoveries with you and hope you will enjoy reading our articles which we believe showcase just how special South Devon is.

Discover South Devon will be available twice a year, together with two additional supplements:

  • Autumn & Winter Edition (September to February) & Christmas Supplement (November to December)
  •  Spring & Summer Edition (March to August) & New Year Supplement (January to February)

Featured Articles

In This Issue

We’re delighted to bring you some great articles from discoveries we have made in this special part of the South West. We’re already planning the lineup of exciting reads for our next issue coming out in October, which will be followed by a festive Christmas supplement.

If you have a special story to tell or wish to promote something our readers will love, then please get in touch with us.

We hope you enjoy our first edition.

Discover South Devon

Food & Drink

One of the Largest Vineyards in the South West

Discover the hidden charm of Calancombe Wines and Dartmouth Gin, both produced from the picturesque South Devon valley of Witchcombe…

History & Heritage

The Mayflower Story & Dartmouth’s Role in her Voyage

Discover the adventurous and disturbing story of the Mayflower Pilgrim Separatists on their perilous journey to the New World…

Food & Drink

Discover the Charm of one of Exeter’s Oldest Indian Restaurants

Famous for its delicious cuisine and Fine Indian Dining Experience, learn the history of the fabulous Ganges Restaurant…

Where to Stay

Experience the Ultimate Self Catering Family Holiday

Nestled in the pretty and peaceful hamlet of North Whilborough, discover the perfect, fun and relaxing break in the countryside…


Discover South Devon’s Most Spectacular Festival for Dogs

Celebrate our four-legged friends and what they mean to us in the best, jam-packed family weekend festival for dogs (humans aloud)…

History & Heritage

The WWII Exercise Which Almost Cancelled D-Day

The D-Day practice landings conducted along the South Devon coast in complete secrecy that resulted in complete disaster…

General Interest


Equine Photography



Meet professional, freelance, Equine, Pet and Commercial Photographer Niamh Woods…


Electric Car

Charging Stations

Discover the new changes surrounding electric cars and the charging stations in South Devon…

Local Business Services


We believe in supporting local businesses whom we know and feel happy to provide our recommendation.  

General Inquiries

Become a part of Discover South Devon or reach out to us with any general inquiries.

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