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We are often asked by visitors to South Devon how do they find their dream holiday cottage or B&B, especially when there are so many to choose from. How will know whether they have vacancies without spending hours checking their availability or calling them directly one by one – taking hours of time when they’re already busy and getting stressed about getting a great holiday arranged for my family.

This issue became exasperated after the first COVID lockdown began to ease and families were once again seeking a well-deserved break in the UK, as overseas holidays were increasingly restrictive and problematic.

Holidaying in the UK has many good choices, but one of the best and most popular is the South West. After all, it is a truly stunning place to spend your holiday, and here in beautiful South Devon, we found ourselves overwhelmed by the number of calls coming in to us from visitors seeking help in trying to find suitable accommodation for their holiday in the area they had chosen.

Searching can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially during the start of the summer season, often very time-consuming and frustrating if you are busy.

Realising these challenges, we tasked our development team with finding a solution to assist visitors in their search for their dream accommodation, making the process easy and a one-stop solution.

Routing the information correctly to only the selected accommodation type and desired area, together with all the supporting information requested, was achieved by our team creating a ‘Smart Hub’ now referred to as Find & Stay™. This enables our accommodation members to receive requests with all the details from the visitor, allowing them to check their availability and respond directly back to the customer.

Our Find & Stay™ service was fully tested in the market after its release in September 2020, and to date, it has achieved nearly 500 successful bookings where the visitors only had to search once – Find & Stay™ did all the work for them.

The service provides support for Room Only, Bed and Breakfast, and Self Catering Accommodation, which is now being rolled out across South Devon in the following areas: Exeter, Teignbridge, South Dartmoor, Torbay, South Hams, and Plymouth.

Searching is available from our website and is easy to use with its simple navigation, and fully optimised for mobile devices making it ideal if you’re on the go.

Accommodation providers can enjoy the Find & Stay™ service linked to their business FREE with our membership packages which start from just £95 per year, where they will receive a continual flow of enquiries straight to their email inbox.

We offer a month’s FREE Trial of the service which can be arranged by calling our support team on 08000 886 527 or clicking on the link below.

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