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Prime Support Service

At South Devon Holidays, we pride ourselves in taking the best care for our members and offer a fast and reliable Prime Support Service.

Members can call our Prime Support Team on 01803 70 14 14

Find & Stay Search Service

For B&B, Room Only & Self Catering Businesses

Qualifying Members can choose to activate ‘Find & Stay’ to their account to receive accommodation requests in real-time from prospective customers. You will then receive emails from prospective customers looking to stay in your area, together with all the information you require to check your booking calendar and then respond directly to the customer.

GDPR GUIDANCE: The incoming emails you will receive will contain the customer-selected email address, if a successful booking is made between you and the customer, then the email address may be stored in accordance with current GDPR approved practices. If the booking is not successful, then the customer’s email address MUST NOT be retained or used in any other way. 

Member Update Form

All updates will be carried out on your profile by our Support Team with a time window of 72hrs to completion.


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